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***I’d like to start off by saying that this post was meant to just be a list of on-page factors for ranking well in the search engines. However, after describing the importance of your domain name, I’ve decided to dedicate this post just to the most important factor.

There are two sides to your site ranking for free traffic. On page vs. Off page factors. On page factors are things that the search engines look for when they are viewing your page. Off page factors, in general terms, is how many links your website has pointing to it. It sounds simple, but it gets very complicated. But I'm here to walk you through it.

Today, we’ll be discussing the most important factor for ranking for free. These are things you have complete control over when creating your website. Consider this the 101 course. There are much more advanced techniques that we’ll get to in the next post.

First, we have to get some definitions out of the way.

Keyword- this is the term you want to rank for. If someone were to type this into Google, you would want your website to come up. For example, if you sold toasters, and someone typed in “GE toaster,” you would want your site to appear. “GE toaster” is the keyword.

Anchor text- this is the actual word or set of words that appear in the link pointing to your site. For example, in this link “GE toasters,” the anchor text is GE toasters. This is important because when the search engines see this link, the assume that the website the link is pointing to must be about GE toasters. Therefore, that website will rank high when someone types in GE toasters in Google because that site is obviously relevant.

Site links- particular listings that Google gives you when you become an authority on a certain subject.

Now, the most important factor in ranking for free is...

A Keyword Rich Domain Name- many people might argue as to why I believe this is the most important factor. It has the highest ceiling in terms of potential, but if your domain name isn’t keyword rich, it isn’t that big of a deal. There are ways around it. However, if you want to completely DOMINATE your market, you'll get a keyword-filled domain name.

Why is this important? When people link to you, they use either anchor text (defined up above) or pictures. The anchor text is always one of two things- words or your website's URL (www.yoursite.com). When they link to your site using words, you always want that anchor text to be keywords that you’d like to rank for free for. However, you don’t always have control over how other people link to you. Many always link to a website using that website’s domain as the anchor text.

For example, here is a link with useful anchor text:
Charlotte SEO Blog

Here is a link with useless anchor text:

When the search engines see this first link, they see the website receiving the link as being relevant to the keywords “Charlotte SEO Blog,” which is what I want to rank for.

The second link, however, does not have useful anchor text. No one searches for "Travis Zboch," so it doesn’t really matter if I rank first or not.

Imagine, however, if I had the domain name CharlotteSEOBlog.com. That means that all links I had coming to my site have useful anchor text. People would either link to me with the anchor text “Charlotte SEO Blog” or www.CharlotteSEOBlog.com.

That’s not even the half of it!

If you get enough links pointing to your site with the right anchor text for your market, Google will see you as an “authority” on the subject. When that happens, you practically own that particular keyword by getting “site links.” Here’s a real life example of a business picking the perfect keyword rich domain name and reaping the benefits.

MyWeddingFavors.com is a great example of a keyword rich domain. The owner of this site tries to get many links with the anchor text “wedding favors.” However, he can't control how everyone links to him. Many choose to link to the site like this: www.myweddingfavors.com. Links like these, however, still carry value because they contain keywords.

Here's another amazing benefit...

Since they’ve gotten enough links with preferable anchor text, they’ve gotten “site links.” What are site links? Well, if you do a Google search for “wedding favors,” MyWeddingFavors.com comes up first. Underneath that are 8 links that point to different pages within the site. This is significant because not only does this offer searcher more access to your site through Google, but it also pushes the rest of the results down the page and out of the searcher’s site.

Once a potential customer sees these site links, they automatically recognize that you’re an authority of this subject on the web. Wouldn't you? Once they put two and two together, the likelihood of them buying from you skyrockets!

Wow. That's enough information to jumpstart a business... and we haven't even gotten started yet! Come back often for more tips on how to dominate your market on the web.


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