The Second Most Important Factor to Rank for Free - Title Tag

Second Most Important Factor for Ranking- Title Tag

We’re continuing the most important on-page factors you can change on your website to rank quickly on the search engines for free traffic.

The last post was a doozy… the importance of keywords in your domain name. That’s important on several levels. If you missed it, I highly recommend you reading that post before you review this one.

The title tag is a pretty basic on-page function. Its just that- the title that you give that page on your website. This tells the search engines exactly what your page is about, and therefore what you’re going to rank for.

Where is the title tag in your browser? If you’re using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, the title tag is right at the very top of the page. When you’re editing your website, it’s the text between the "title" and "/title" tags. (In html code, they will be in brackets) Its typically at the very top of your page when looking at the code.

(If you don’t know html code, its no big deal. You don’t need to know any code here. Simply put, your title is anything between these two tags: , )

However, we need to know what to put there. It must be something that is specific and attainable. If you pick too broad of a keyword and you’ll risk getting lost in too much competition. Pick something too narrow and you won’t get many people searching for that term.

A great tool to determine what your title tag should be is Google’s Keyword Tool. Once you enter in a suggestion, Google tells you not only how many times that term gets searched every month, but also a whole list of related keyword suggestions, and their search volume as well. This is a great idea when researching how to reach more people on the internet (but we’ll save that for a later day).

One great thing about title tags is that you can change them very easily. One popular error that I see a lot is a title tag that says “untitled.” This is a gross oversight of the most important real estate on your page! Make sure every title on every page is there for a reason.

Also, make sure that your title tag is inviting. Its this phrase that Google uses as a link to your site in the free listings.

If you do a google search for bar stools, you’ll see that each website in the top 10 has either “Bar Stools” or “Bar Stool” in the title tag. That’s how important the title tag is- every competitive site has this term.

And did you notice that 9 out of the 10 sites actually had the term “Bar Stools” at the beginning of the title tag? Its almost as if Google gives you more of an advantage if your title tag starts with your keywords…


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