This is What I Do

I work for my family's marketing firm. I would get more specific, but this is accessible to pretty much anyone, so I don't want to give away our marketing secrets to our direct competition. Call me overly paranoid, but I'd hate to inadvertently give away exactly what we're doing to someone who's trying to one-up us.

So we have a website that we sell different products on. Well, having a website just isn't enough... you have to get it in front of the right eyes... the eyes of people looking to buy what you have to sell.

Usually that involves the search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN). As you undoubtedly know, if you type in a particular phrase, these search engines bring up various websites that it thinks is relevant to what you're looking for. In essence, they're trying to give you the most relevant website to help you find the information you need.

For example, if you need a new toaster, you could type into Google "GE toaster." Google will bring to you many different sites, in order of what it thinks is most relevant. This could include GE's website, other sites that sell toasters, product review sites, or coupon websites.

Well, if I'm selling toasters, I want my site to appear in front of someone who's typing in "GE toaster" into Google. Sounds simple enough, but believe me... it isn't.

There's anywhere between 10 and 100 various characteristics that Google looks at when determining which websites it displays for certain search terms. Its not only identifying these characteristics, but using them to your advantage, that you can run a successful website.
...and that's just one aspect of what I do.

Eventually, this blog will get somewhat technical. However, it will be on a level that everyone will able to understand... and if you own a website, you've come to the right place.


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