30 Day SEO Challenge

This blog has been more of an experiment than anything else. I've always been a firm believer that you should own YourName.com just in case someone decides to do some sort of online background check on you. You should always control the SERPs for your own name. My wife Heather has mastered this.

My (easily attainable) goal was to get a double listing for my own name, Travis Zboch. Considering I'm the only Travis Zboch out there, it wasn't too hard.

Now, I've noticed that I've been ranking for some pretty interesting terms.

I'm currently #15 for the term “charlotte seo”.

And apparently Google regards me as a “charlotte seo expert”. I happen to agree.

I also noticed that out of about 5 or 6 posts, and hardly any inbound links, I had generated some page rank on my site.

So here's my challenge- I'm going to post daily for the next 30 days, just to see what happens. Even if it's just a five minute post (which is usually all I have time for), I'm going to try to post any content I can.

Here are some things I'll be keeping an eye on:

If my double listing for my name “Travis Zboch” will change to site links
How high my site will rise in the SERPs for the term “charlotte seo”
How much my site's Page Rank will increase

I'm a firm believer that if you want to learn anything about SEO, you don't try to read about it. You test it somehow, so that you know for sure. There are a lot of SEOers out there that have only learned based on theory, and have very little experience.

So, at the end of the thirty day challenge, I'll post my findings.



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