Search Exchange Conference- Day 2

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There was a lot of talk today about social media, social marketing, Twitter, Facebook, and other time wasters.

Actually, before you get upset, the term “time waster” is relative to whatever market you're in. For selling hard goods and products, any type of widget, I'd say its very difficult to make these mediums create revenue for your business.

However, web consultants go nuts over these because they're very effective for local businesses, which happens to be the majority of their clients.

I learned a lot about FourSquare, a new location based app. I had never heard of it, but half of the people at the conference were users.

Here's how it works: when you give the app your location, it gives you suggestions on what to do. For example, many people from out of town would “check in” to their hotels through FourSquare, and the app would suggest different things to do and places to eat.

Not too helpful when you're an old school SEO and trying to sell widgets online.

But it has tremendous potential for local businesses. For example, you can go to Dunkin Donuts, “check in” through FourSquare, and get emailed a coupon for a free doughnut.

There are a lot of possibilities for businesses on the web (obviously)... but its getting to the point where there's no excuse for failure.

I better stop there before I get too bold.

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